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Product Spotlight: Waxed Paper

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At Papertec, our variety of products is as abundant as is our experience in the industry. We offer many specialty papers to serve varying needs and industries.

One of our popular specialty products is waxed paper, which is offered in different grades and varieties, and serves many applications—from food packaging to steel wrapping, pallet liners, abrasion protection, interleaving, and more. On offer, we have dry, one-side waxed, two-sided waxed, and semi-waxed paper, available in bleached and natural colors. Not sure which you need? Here are some details to help:

  • Dry waxed kraft paper: Applications include meat interleaves, cheese interleaves, metal interleaves, and butter wrap. This product is available in bleached or natural colors, 20# to 84# basis weights.
  • Waxed 1 side kraft paper: Often used for food packaging, moisture barrier applications, and food interleave, this comes in bleached or natural colors, 30# to 70# basis weights.
  • Waxed 2 side kraft paper: Acting as a moisture barrier, this product is used for food packaging, and pallet interleave when stocking or stacking pallets. Available in bleached or natural colors, 20# to 90# basis weights.
  • Semi waxed kraft paper: Serving many food and packaging applications, this is available in bleached or natural colors, 18# to 47# basis weights.

We supply in many roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets, and die cut pieces—whatever suits your needs best. We also offer FDA-approved grades and industrial grades.

Need custom printed paper? No problem. Simply let us know what you want printed, and the paper is printed and then waxed, in roll or sheet form, and then converted.

Still not sure what’s best for you? Contact us, we’re happy to help!


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