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The Importance of Proper Lining for Food Packaging

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Safety has been a major concern for the food industry since its inception. And since the Food Safety Modernization Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2011, it has become even more important. Whether it be in processing or packaging, being sure that all edible product is kept fresh and good until it is eaten is a responsibility of all that come into contact with the product, and that includes our packaging and lining.

As it is so efficiently stated in this article from Packaging Digest: “It is important to remember that any item or environmental stimulus, edible or not, that enters the confines of a food-producing, transporting or storage facility, has the potential to cause harm, to persons, pets, products and businesses if not vetted and validated for suitability and wholesomeness from a regulatory and industry standards standpoint.”

That being said, we take these precautions very seriously at Papertec and have manufactured many polycoated and wax papers for the packaging of food products. These papers are grease proof treated and some of them are made into bags and pouches that hold some of your favorite snacks!

Besides working within the regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act, we also concern ourselves with staying green whenever possible and we are happy to see that the trend in food packaging lately seems to be heading in that direction also. Natural colored stocks and recycled papers are being used more and more often, and we are more than happy to provide food packaging and lining that falls in line with those ideals.


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