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Papertec blog: National Manufacturing Month

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Manufacturing Day was launched in 2012 to highlight the importance of manufacturers to the nation’s economy. Last year’s success has not only led to Manufacturing Day becoming an annual national event – occurring on the first Friday of October – but has also prompted an extension of the day into the entire month of October, supporting hundreds of manufacturers that host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and others local community members to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

Designed to amplify the voice of individual manufacturers, Manufacturing Day addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and, in a coordinated effort, attract young people and get them excited about pursuing a career in a technology-driven, innovative environment that will also provide a good-paying job.

Many people still have the misconception that the manufacturing industry involves unskilled, repetitive tasks. Yet people who think of manufacturing as a tedious job with no intellectual stimulation haven’t visited a U.S. factory floor or manufacturing space lately. Manufacturing today is about fast-paced, diversified work environments and advanced, innovative technologies.

For many manufacturing professionals, a manufacturing career can offer a wide variety of work. Because there are often different projects to work on because manufacturing firms often service so many different industries, there is always a different grade or part size being made from what a manufacturer produces.

Here at Papertec, we speak from experience: Whether producing water-activated gum tape for fireworks manufacturers or onion skin paper for everything from love letters to military use – we aren’t doing the same thing day in and day out, meaning we are never bored on the job.

No doubt, every job has repetitive aspects. Although manufacturing is constantly changing, there is some consistency. For instance, did you know that manufacturers have the highest job tenure in the private sector?

Meanwhile, the growing use of technology and innovations, particularly in high-tech industries, means manufacturing is almost constantly applying new technologies to new developments. This requires highly skilled workers, many of whom are in STEM fields, and they are the people who are developing and applying breakthroughs that ultimately drive the innovation necessary for the U.S. to remain competitive globally.

For these reasons and many others, manufacturing jobs remain highly fulfilling – and in demand – despite the misconceptions many people still hold of such careers. That is why we look forward to this year’s Manufacturing Month, as a time when companies across the nation open their doors to show the public why manufacturing remains a great industry to work in. Will you be participating?


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