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Parchment Paper

Packaging Your Summer Fun!

Packaging Your Summer Fun!

It’s been a fantastic summer and thankfully it looks like we still have a bit of sun to enjoy before the season turns to Fall. After walking around our homes and work-spaces in the last few weeks, we have been noticing all the colorful packaging and wrapping paper for many of the food products that…

Our Newest Addition! New Hire, Mary Jo Coan.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us. To be sure that we are providing the top notch customer service, we only hire the best! Our newest hire, Mary Jo Coan is a shining example of a Papertec employee. Seasoned in customer service and backed with an MBA in finance, we are ecstatic to…

Papertec Product Spotlight: Parchment Paper

At Papertec, we have a wide range of specialty papers that are used by our customers in so many different industries. In this post, we’d like to focus on our parchment papers, which have become integral to the clients who use them. All of our parchment papers are FDA approved, ensuring the highest standards of…

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