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The Benefits of Recycling Your Paper and Paper Products

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As we have mentioned in previous blogs, we take being “green” or being environmentally conscious very seriously here at Papertec. The most important step that is necessary in our line of work in order to stay responsible, is that of recycling.

Green Footprint graphic.

There are many benefits to recycling paper. Conserving natural resources, saving energy, and reducing waste are just a few. One ton of recycled paper can “save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space and 4,000 kilowatts of energy.” When you take a look at those statistics, recycling paper is just a no brainer!

This past year, we are proud to say that Papertec recycled over 350,000 lbs of paper. While 350,000 already sounds like a very large number, think about it this way; that is the same weight of 106 Ford Mustangs, 700,000 Snickers bars or 1,166,667 iPhones!

We are committed to saving our planet and helping out at every turn to assist our environment. The next time you go to throw away your paper products, remember how much more useful it would be to our planet, your fellow man and your wallet by recycling them instead.


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