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Traverse Winding

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One of our specialties at Papertec is traverse winding, a process in which coils or sheets of paper are neatly wound on a spool for the customer’s convenience. We can perform this process in addition to a variety of other services on a number of types of a paper, with several shipping options. Our comprehensive traverse winding capabilities make us an excellent choice for all of your custom needs.

One of the benefits of working with Papertec is our expertise with a wide variety of paper. We perform traverse winding on the following materials: siliconized release paper, polycoated paper, waxed paper, bond paper, parchment paper, Kraft paper, board stock, glassine paper, onion skin paper and paper tape. Our ample selection of materials adheres to the highest standards of quality set by the FDA and U.S. military.

In addition to a broad range of materials, we also provide our customers with a number of different services, including jumbo and narrow-width slitting. We can custom slit your rolls from master rolls that reach up to 72 inches in diameter, and 62 inches in width. We can also slit rolls in sizes ranging from just ¼-inch to 62 inches wide.

Our plant also features advanced equipment that’s not only fast, but effective. Our machines are capable of pancake unwinding and layon roll tension at up to 500 feet per minute. We can wind paper that’s up to 16-inch wide, with a 24-inch diameter on a core of 3 to 6 inches. Our master rolls, in addition, can reach up to 30 inches in diameter. We also have precision CNC slitting equipment and laser guided set up, which means that you can expect exact tolerances of 1/64 inches for your products.

Papertec is proud to be your source of high quality paper for a number of different industries. Some examples include automotive, aerospace, food service, archival, manufacturing, packaging, and military industry. In addition to a wide selection of materials, advanced equipment, and valuable services, we offer a number of different shipping options for our customers that ensure a timely delivery for both low and high volume orders.


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