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Here at Papertec we’re a family run business with a lot to offer. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of materials and converting services. Our product offerings include various types of specialty papers, kraft paper, chipboard, films, and packing tape. Our wide range of converting services include: slitting, sheeting, die cutting and flexographic printing. However our specialty is narrow width slitting. We are able to slit materials from 62” wide to as narrow as quarter of an inch.

The most interesting thing about a business like ours is seeing the various products our materials get transformed into. You can find Papertec materials in everything from airplane and automotive parts, to razor blade packaging, wrapping tamales, and even in United States military specified applications like ammunition, flares, charges and detonators.

We are not just here for the people who know exactly what they want. If you have an application and nothing more, we’re here to show you what’s out there, and walk you through your options so you end up with a material that accomplishes exactly what you need it to.

Our family has over 85 years of experience in the paper industry. We’re time-tested as far as providing our clients with smart, cost-effective solutions—and we’ve got the record to prove it. Come take advantage of our expertise.

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