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Product Spotlight: Onion Skin Paper

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Paper: it’s been used for infinite purposes for thousands of years, and not all paper is created equal. There are many different types and grades for many different functions, and choosing the exact right paper can make all the difference.

One specific type of specialty paper is onion skin paper. It gets its name from how thin it is—a #9 basis weight. A typical grade of onion skin paper is used for writing or typing, as it has a beautiful, formal appearance that is a reminder of times when people cherished hand-written notes.

Another use of onion skin paper is for the manufacturing of ammunition, flares, charges, and explosive devices for the military. Very small circles of it are used as separators in these products. The fact that onion skin paper is pH neutral means that it doesn’t break down, and therefore lasts very long, making it ideal for military use.

At Papertec, we offer the highest quality onion skin paper—for everything from love letters to military use. With a beautiful smooth finish, it is available in standard white. Our specialized grade for military use is approved for the U.S. government and meets military spec P-157A. This particular grade is used in the production of military flares, munitions, and detonators, and can be customized to any size, shape, or specific quality. Both grades of our onion skin paper are available in sheets, or die cut pieces.

These days, people might be relying on computers and the digital world more and more, but for some things, only paper will do. Onion skin paper is one example of an important paper product for which there is no replacement.


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