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Why Packaging is a Priority

While consumers don’t necessarily think about packaging on a conscious level, a product’s packaging reaches them subconsciously all the time. Everything from what we eat and wear to what we watch and listen to comes to us in a package, and that package speaks volumes. Choosing and designing the right packaging and branding is crucial…

What Does 2013 Hold for Papertec?

Now that 2013 is officially here, we at Papertec are excited about the year ahead, and we have a lot to look forward to. In addition to continuing to offer our clients the highest quality specialty papers, films, and boards, we are eager to begin our new venture of working with the federal government. We…

Papertec Product Spotlight: Parchment Paper

At Papertec, we have a wide range of specialty papers that are used by our customers in so many different industries. In this post, we’d like to focus on our parchment papers, which have become integral to the clients who use them. All of our parchment papers are FDA approved, ensuring the highest standards of…

Papertec: Let Us Help You Stay Environmentally Friendly.

Papertec: Let us help you stay environmentally friendly.

As the battle of paper vs. plastic wages on, we here at Papertec know that we offer a sustainable product that will help to reduce our carbon footprint and keep the environment sound. For years Europe has been leading the eco-friendly trend and have put into place very strict packaging regulations in many product markets….

Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Here at Papertec we’re a family run business with a lot to offer. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of materials and converting services. Our product offerings include various types of specialty papers, kraft paper, chipboard, films, and packing tape. Our wide range of converting services include: slitting, sheeting, die cutting and flexographic…

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