Die Cutting Capabilities

At Papertec Inc., we offer die cutting of a wide array of specialty papers including release papers, onion skin, parchment, and board stock. Our products are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Food and medical grade siliconized release paper can be custom cut for high end food presentation. On the other end of the spectrum, onion skin paper can be custom cut to size for use in the production of military munitions.

Standard shaped dies including circles, squares, and rectangles in a variety of sizes are readily available, saving customers tooling costs. However, if customers need a completely custom shape, specialized dies can be fabricated. We are always developing new products and services based on current customer needs, and enjoy finding ways to provide customers with custom products at competitive prices.

Shapes up to 30" x 30" and between 0.0008" and 0.180" thick can be cut in range of production volumes. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to economically produce custom converted products in any volume. In addition to die cutting, we offer value added programs that assist customers in managing their supply chain. Most orders can be completed within 2 weeks, depending on material availability. For more information about our custom die cutting capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Die Cutting

Die Cutting
Siliconized Release Paper
Polycoated Paper
Waxed Paper
Bond Paper (Offset Paper)
Parchment Paper
Kraft Paper
Board Stock
Glassine Paper
Onion Skin Paper
Raw Material Form
Cut Shapes
Multiple Sizes Readily Available
Custom Tooling Available
Paper Thickness
0.0008" to 0.180"
Cut Shape Length
Up to 30"
Cut Shape Width
Up to 30"
Packaging & Unit Volumes
Bundle Packs
Paper Wrapped Units
Wrapped Pallets
Inventory Management & Logistics Services
JIT Shipping
Custom Stocking Programs
Blanket Orders
Drop Shipping
Blind Shipping
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Time
1 - 2 weeks
Dependent on Volume

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Food Service
Military & Munitions
Industry Standards

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