Why Packaging is a Priority

While consumers don’t necessarily think about packaging on a conscious level, a product’s packaging reaches them subconsciously all the time.  Everything from what we eat and wear to what we watch and listen to comes to us in a package, and that package speaks volumes.  Choosing and designing the right packaging and branding is crucial to a product—any, and every, product.

First and foremost, you must choose the right type of package.  Whether it’s a packaging carton or a tape or label that will go onto a package, thought must be put into this choice.  Working with the right expert means experienced guidance to the exact right look, feel, shape, and size for your particular needs.  Companies such as ours can provide advice, options, and reasons why or why not a particular product is right for your brand.

From there, it’s important to consider a multitude of branding options: colors, style, logos, tag lines, images, etc.  Questions to ask include: who are you trying to reach?  Are you aiming for a specific age group, or one gender over another?  As an example, this article on the millennial generation points out that this age group, “the fastest-growing segment of luxury goods-and-services purchasers” is most concerned with being frugal and green, and that now “packaging, which has long been part of the green discussion due to concerns about food waste, sustainability and recyclability, is center stage again.”  As such, creating a brand identity that speaks to them could be a great way to target potential customers.   While branding is the next step after first choosing the packaging, we can offer advice and guidance, as experts in the field.

Remember, consumers do judge a book (or shirt or snack food or soda) by its cover, so it’s just as important to consider how the product is packaged as it is the product itself.

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