Papertec Product Spotlight: Parchment Paper

At Papertec, we have a wide range of specialty papers that are used by our customers in so many different industries.  In this post, we’d like to focus on our parchment papers, which have become integral to the clients who use them.

All of our parchment papers are FDA approved, ensuring the highest standards of food safety.  While they are used for a variety of applications, including food and candy wrappings, yogurt cups, and meat packaging, they are predominantly used in the baking industry.  We offer two top-quality types of parchment paper for our bakery customers: genuine vegetable parchment and greaseproof parchment.  For our greaseproof grades, you can choose between quilon-treated and silicon-treated.   While both quilon and silicon prevent baked goods from sticking, the difference is that quilon-treated is a one-time use product, and silicon can be used over and over, so your cookies, cakes, and other confections come right off and the trays need not be washed in between uses.  For applications where there are water and liquids involved, our wet strength grade parchment paper is the ideal choice.  Whichever you choose, we have lots of weights, colors, and custom printing options available, and most importantly, you’ll know you’re getting the best parchment paper out there!

As you may already know, one of the great things about working with us is that because we keep so many products in-stock, we can accommodate a wide range of order sizes. From small orders for startup companies and mom and pop shops, to large commercial bakeries ordering multiple pallets, we do everything we can to meet your needs and keep the customer’s sweet tooth happy! Visit our website to learn more about our parchment paper.

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