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Kraft Paper

Will Genetically Engineered Trees Impact The Paper Industry?

Will Genetically Engineered Trees Impact the Paper Industry?

Recently, there has been a push to be more environmentally friendly when manufacturing products and performing services in almost every industry. The paper industry has seen many advances that will lessen its impact on the environment. A breakthrough came recently when researchers at the University of British Columbia designed trees that are simpler to process…

The Importance Of Proper Lining For Food Packaging

The Importance of Proper Lining for Food Packaging

Safety has been a major concern for the food industry since its inception. And since the Food Safety Modernization Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2011, it has become even more important. Whether it be in processing or packaging, being sure that all edible product is kept fresh and good until it…

Why Packaging is a Priority

While consumers don’t necessarily think about packaging on a conscious level, a product’s packaging reaches them subconsciously all the time. Everything from what we eat and wear to what we watch and listen to comes to us in a package, and that package speaks volumes. Choosing and designing the right packaging and branding is crucial…

Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Here at Papertec we’re a family run business with a lot to offer. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of materials and converting services. Our product offerings include various types of specialty papers, kraft paper, chipboard, films, and packing tape. Our wide range of converting services include: slitting, sheeting, die cutting and flexographic…

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